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Wednesday, May 11th 2005


Newsweek SUCKS.

Hey, idiots at Newsweek - here's a little secret for ya - WE ARE AT WAR! An article saying the Muslim holy book was placed on a toilet in Guantanamo Bay caused RIOTS in Afghanistan and chants of "DEATH TO AMERICA." Thanks for all your work to UNDERMINE the work our soldiers have been doing for 3 years there. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,156169,00.html

Posted by dcat:

Our boys are doing just fine! You can't believe all taht you read!:P
Thursday, May 12th 2005 @ 2:35

Posted by Ken Jones:

Newesweeks actions reflect the liberal ideology: "Bad America, good radical Islamists!"
Monday, May 16th 2005 @ 20:48

Posted by rbw2:

Newsweek must be held accountable. Unlike the fake way at cBS for raThergate, it needs to be honest and sincere in explaining its horrid mistake.
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 @ 3:27

Posted by A:

I love Newsweek. I want our troops home now. We may be at war, but its not a war against Muslims its a war against terrorism. Oh wait, you guys think all Muslims are terrorists. I dont think radical islamists are good and I dont think our fundamentalist policies are good either, but its ok, rich people like me will get the nice breaks thanks to bush and all you poor people will continue to suffer. I love it! ;)
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 @ 10:45

Posted by AJ:

I can't believe how ignorant some media can be. I think Newsweek should be brought up on charges. They will do anything to sell more magazines despite the ramifications. All they did is make it more dangerous for our boys fighting the war.
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 @ 10:58

Posted by MATT EDRIS:

Newsweek continues to do stories which are nothing except left spin articles which they try to pass as journalism. The moderate spin and the right spin (no pun intended) are seen as wrong, archaic, and neanderthal. Anne Coulter in her article on the Drudge Report May 19 sums it up well. Its worth a read. I wish newsweek would stop treating the news like propoganda for the left side and simply report it. We are not stupid. Simply report the facts and let us make up our own mind. Their as bad as Michael Moore with his manipulative half-truths. REPORT THE NEWS not the DNC agenda and sour grapes sniping. Be journalist not spin doctors. Have a backbone!
Thursday, May 19th 2005 @ 14:10

Posted by Edris:

Hey "A" YOU are the one that will cause Barack Obama to lose his battle to bring the democratic party back to its heyday under FDR. Its exactly your "rich" hedonsitic mentality which screwed up the democrats in the 1960's. Your probably the epitome of the crybaby pissy pants liberal who is deciding what articles to put in Newsweek. I hope you enjoy your $, because you can't take it with you. I earn my money. I teach.... but oh that's right you probably think that I only work 6 hours a day and have my summers off too. I qualify for my kids to be able to be on public assistance for health insurance in my state. Its because my wife gave up her full time job to make sure the kids are well taken care of at home. I love my station in life, I love what I do. You my friend are a smug, arrogant person. Like I said, enjoy it because you can't take it with you. But it probably doesn't matter to you because God probably does not exist in your Hedonistic, nihilistic world..... No wait I think your God is named.... "A" My mistake.
Thursday, May 19th 2005 @ 14:28

Posted by Clint:

Tried to contact A about Fundamentalist Policies. Got a Mailer-Daemon.

The only Fundamental US policies are articles 1 through 9 of the Constitution.
Saturday, May 21st 2005 @ 11:53

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