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Saturday, May 14th 2005



Well - the grim count of dead American soldiers is near 1,700 and so expect the media deathcount to hype the 2,000 number soon. They're waiting for it. They're hoping for it. They did it for 100 soldiers killed. They salivated when it was 500 and then 1,000. But they're still missing the point. On a beautiful, sunny September morning, 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered in airplanes and office buildings. Their crime? Being American. The time span for the murder of 3,000 innocent people? Just under 3 hours. It's been two years since we liberated Iraq and we've lost 1,600 soldiers who fought BACK and died fighting for Iraqis and Americans. It's taken TWO YEARS to lose 1,600 men and women - they weren't just sitting at their desks or in an airplane though - THEY WERE FIGHTING BACK TO KEEP US FREE. President Bush has begun to eliminate the basic argument people from the Middle East have used to stir the pot of hatred with for decades. We used to turn our back on oppressed people for the sake of 'stability'. After 9/11 - the President said 'NO MORE.' He realized that our foreign policy of coddling dictators and tyrants for own stability was WRONG - and he's set out to correct it. Yes, it's true - Saudi Arabia is still brewing in the background - but we need their oil for now - so he can't do anything rash that would cripple our economy or way of life. But their time is coming. I think after 9/11 - the tyrants in the Middle East thought it was just rhetoric. But then we went to Afghanistan. They smiled and silently thought we were still going to tolerate what they do to their people (while accepting our foreign aid and stoking the hatred against us). Then we went to Iraq. Their nervous laughter and smiles turned to all out fear and they began funding and supplying the insurgency to destroy us. BUT THE IRAQI people didn't take the bait. They suffered for 35 years and didn't want to stay that way. On January 30th - innocent, everyday Iraqis FOUGHT BACK at the ballot box. The "Arab Street" saw this for themselves on LIVE TV. They started to question why Iraqis got to vote in FREE AND FAIR elections and they didn't. The tyrants in the Middle East started to shit their pants (or robes). Then - Syria murdered the Lebanese opposition leader and ALL FREEDOM broke lose. And now the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. The tyrants are still funding and supplying the terrorists - thinking we're too busy to stop them - thinking if they could JUST KILL ENOUGH OF OUR SOLDIERS - we'll give up. Absent the glaring example of an IGNORANT and CONSPIRING SUPERPOWER for people to follow (into hating us) what do terrorists and tyrants have left to get people to follow them to their doom? Those 1,600 dead soldiers and their colleagues are eliminating the reasons for hatred against Americans and the West. They're giving oppressed people HOPE of a FUTURE of SELF-DETERMINATION. We're no longer sitting idly by and letting innocent Iraqis be brutalized by Saddam and his thugs. We're no longer ignoring their plight - and sowing the seeds of why they hate this great superpower for turning her back on the oppressed.We STOOD for their freedom - so we can keep our own. I don't like when people say 'we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." That seems indecent to me. Why should Iraqis suffer at the hands of terrorists for our benefit? The truth is - it is to their benefit too - even though that's hard to see sometimes. And on days where 70 people are killed by car bombs - people question whether anything is worth that sacrifice. Is freedom worth ANY AND ALL sacrifice? I think 8 million Iraqis who braved real threats to vote on January 30th answered that question clearly and broadly. YES. Every single life given by our soldiers is a tradegy. A tragedy for their loved ones and for us as Americans. Their bravery and courage are what keeps us free. They deserve our respect and we need to respect their memory. America is better for them having fought for us - and worse for having to lose such brave citizens from our future. I am eternally grateful to every one of them and their families. And any chance I get - I will thank them for what they've done for me and all Americans. Terrorists and tyrants murder and hurt innocent people so they can oppress them and instill fear. They don't want people to have FREEDOM of thought, FREEDOM of religion, FREEDOM of lifestyle, FREEDOM of opinion. Their end game is clear - death or submission - of any innocent man, woman or child within their proximity. WHAT FUTURE IS THAT? Give your every thought over to them - and in return you'll get NO FREEDOM at all and live every day in fear of retribution for having your own thoughts or opinions. Seems to me they already HAD that for 35 years and they were literally dying to stop it. What is America offering to innocent Iraqis? A chance to be free to determine their own destiny. So the hatred of America and blame STOPS being cast someplace else and the people feel empowered to have and make better lives in their own countries while holding their leaders accountable (by voting them in or out as necessary). The soldiers end game is clear - to help Iraqis stand on their own so we can continue to stand on our own. We ignored terrorism for decades as it grew like a cancer under the radar. In 1993, we STILL ignored it. In 2001, our President realized something needed to change. Our foreign policy was feeding this cancer. So since 9/11/2001 - he's set out to perform radical surgery on the cancer called 'terrorism'. The prognosis for eliminating this disease looks promising. But we have a lot more to do to win this fight. They haven't stopped plotting against us - the difference is - we haven't stopped fighting back.

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