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Sunday, May 22nd 2005


Pot...meet kettle.

U.N. condemns alleged abuse of Afghans I read the NY Times story which was based on a situation from 2002. That's right, 2002. I was repulsed. I was upset. I was disgusted with the abuse and death of what could be an innocent Afghan man. BUT at the same time - the military did its job and disciplined, kicked out or imprisoned those responsible. I'm sorry an innocent man was killed. But the killers got their just punishment. It did not simply STAND. It was promptly reported by a SOLDIER and dealt with. They did that 2 years ago. For the U.N. to CONDEMN something from 2 years ago smacks of hypocrisy when they STILL haven't CONDEMNED the sex crimes against innocent children committed by U.N. peacekeepers or the Oil-for-Food scandal. AND if they had - it didn't make the HEADLINES on Yahoo! or any other news website. It also wasn't played OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again like the humiliating photos from Abu Graib. Hey NY Times. I know you had to report a 2 year-old story this week to support Newsweek and all, but, you really did it to further inflame people against America. And that means our great soldiers and all the hard work they're doing just gets harder and you're putting their hard work and MY hard-earned money at risk. You make me sick to my stomach. I'm sad you're in MY country. I'm sad soldiers have to fight for YOUR freedom as well as mine. You clearly don't deserve their blood, sweat and tears or their lives. The NY Times, if it can hurt Bush, then we report it. If it happens to hurt America too, we can't help that, we're NEUTRAL.

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