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Friday, August 12th 2005



So I keep reading headlines this week that say "National Guard deaths in Iraq SOARS" - and I thought - REALLY? Compared to last August? or April 2004? Let me check, so I went to CNN Special Reports and clicked on Coalition Casualties. They have a graphics representation by month, by race, by age of all the killed and injured soldiers in Iraq (there is no such graphic for Afghanistan or for 9/11). August 2003 - 16 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action August 2004 - 57 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action August 2005 - 34 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action Now granted, August is only just beginning and it's got a long way to go. But what's different about THIS AUGUST than the previous two? The Constitution is being written and must be up for referendum by August 15th. As we saw in the months leading up to the January elections - the terrorists threw everything they had at us. November 2004 - 125 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action December 2004 - 62 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action January 2005 - 55 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action So far - the deadliest month of the year in Iraq seems to November. I wonder why? Oh that's right - Ramadan. If you use CNN's graphic over time - you see that 2003 the deaths spiked in November, in 2004 they remained steady except for April and November and so far in 2005 they seem to be about the same as 2004. I hate whenever a soldier is injured or killed. I feel for their family. But the MSM is getting ridiculous with their headlines on TV and online. "A Deadly Day Today in Iraq" - really, is that different than ANY DAY in the past 35 years in Iraq? "Violence Surges in Iraq" - really, compared to what day in the past 35 years? "Terrorists Fighting Back in Iraq" - really, when haven't they in the past 35 years? Honor every soldier and their family. They deserve nothing less from all of us. I just wish the MSM would put every death in context. Afterall, they do more indepth reporting about missing, smiling white girls than they've EVER given ONE of our brave men and women in the military. Except for Pat Tillman and that was mainly because he gave up a life and career of privledge to do what is right for America. That to the MSM is very confusing. A mystery. A made-for-TV story. Every other soldier? Just a number to throw in a pile without ever highlighting their heroism, their bravery or even their name.

Posted by patty-jo:

Excellent post! I agree 100% Every soldier that dies is a person with a history and a story to tell. Not just a number on a list. The truth is, I think the MSM is responsible for a lot of the deaths that have occured in this war. I think they know it too, and use it to boost their ratings.
Friday, August 12th 2005 @ 10:50

Posted by ryan:

You have got to be kidding. You seem to be implying that post-invasion Iraq is no worse than pre-invasion iraq. Do you really believe that there was this much violence and suicide activity over the last 35 years? Maybe you also belive that the US is a great liberator too...
Sunday, August 14th 2005 @ 12:02

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