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Friday, July 23rd 2004



Kerry and Edwards have A PLAN to protect America. Then please explain this: Kerry's Amendment (#1452) which he tried to push through in 1994 - to cut $4B in defense and intelligence spending. You remember 1994, don't ya?? That's one year after the 1993 WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING. You remember that....TERRORISM COMMITTED ON OUR SOIL? The Kerry Amendment SEC. 5201. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS ACTIVITIES. SEC. 5201. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS ACTIVITIES. SEC. 5202. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM. REMEMBER THIS NEXT TIME SOMEONE SAYS 'BUSH' CUT VETERAN'S FUNDING. IT HAS INCREASED 40% DURING HIS PRESIDENCY. SEC. 5203. D5 (TRIDENT II) MISSILE PROGRAM. SEC. 5204. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR THE FOLLOW-ON EARLY WARNING SYSTEM PROGRAM. SEC. 5205. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE ORGANIZATION PROGRAMS. SEC. 5206. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR RECRUITING ACTIVITIES OF THE ARMED FORCES. THIS WEEK, KERRY/EDWARDS SLAMMED BUSH FOR NOT INCREASING THE MILITARY SEC. 5207. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR TITAN IV MISSILE LAUNCH SYSTEMS. SEC. 5208. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR THE NATIONAL AEROSPACE PLANE PROGRAM. SEC. 5301. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR INTELLIGENCE AND INTELLIGENCE-RELATED ACTIVITIES. SEC. 5503. RESCISSION OF FUNDS FOR THE UNITED STATES SPACE STATION FREEDOM PROGRAM. WHO VOTED WITH KERRY ON THIS??? NO TO WAR AGAINST IRAQ The 1991 Gulf War - Kerry Voted AGAINST helping Kuwait free itself from the invasion of Saddam Hussein. READ IT HERE AND CLICK ON VOTES YES TO WAR AGAINST IRAQ The 2002 Authorization for Bush to Use FORCE Against Iraq READ IT HERE TO ELIMINATE THE MARRAIGE PENALTY TAX Kerry Voted NAY To provide that Members of Congress shall not receive a cost of living adjustment in pay during fiscal year 2002 Kerry Votes Against Giving Up HIS Raise To strike out funding for new production of F-16 aircraft in excess of six aircraft, and to transfer the funding to increase funding for anti-terrorism support. KERRY VOTES AGAINST FUNDING TO INCREASE ANT-TERRORISM SUPPORT To provide for an income tax deduction for the old age, survivors, and disability insurance taxes paid by employees and self-employed individuals. Kerry Votes NO for giving families taking care of elderly So you can go HERE and check for yourself the voting record of John Kerry and John Edwards in the Senate. KERRY/EDWARDS - WRONG ON DEFENSE.

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