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Sunday, October 16th 2005


61% of Iraqis have spoken...

It doesn't matter if they voted YES or NO. It matters that they voted under the threat of death, violence and mayhem. It matters that they brought their entire family with them to witness their voting. It matters that they were brave enough to exercise a right we take forgranted. It matters that they want so badly to be free and live in peace that they risked their lives to prove a point. In the January 30 elections - the terrorists attacked over 300 times - and yet Iraqis continued to stand and vote. Today, the terrorists only attacked 13 times - and Iraqis again were not deterred. If the Iraqi people were AGAINST us being there - against being FREE FROM A TYRANT - 61% of them would be attacking our soldiers - but they instead 61% attacked the terrorists with their purple voting fingers. Omar & Mohammed have more info including pictures from the voting. Check it out.
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Wednesday, October 12th 2005


The Iraqi Constitution

Once you read the Iraqi Constitution and compare it to the LACK OF RIGHTS Iraqis had under Saddam, you start to appreciate what our soldiers have done for Iraq. I felt pride reading it for my Iraqi friends and for the soldiers who helped make it possible.


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Friday, August 12th 2005



So I keep reading headlines this week that say "National Guard deaths in Iraq SOARS" - and I thought - REALLY? Compared to last August? or April 2004? Let me check, so I went to CNN Special Reports and clicked on Coalition Casualties. They have a graphics representation by month, by race, by age of all the killed and injured soldiers in Iraq (there is no such graphic for Afghanistan or for 9/11). August 2003 - 16 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action August 2004 - 57 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action August 2005 - 34 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action Now granted, August is only just beginning and it's got a long way to go. But what's different about THIS AUGUST than the previous two? The Constitution is being written and must be up for referendum by August 15th. As we saw in the months leading up to the January elections - the terrorists threw everything they had at us. November 2004 - 125 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action December 2004 - 62 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action January 2005 - 55 soldiers died in Iraq due to hostile action So far - the deadliest month of the year in Iraq seems to November. I wonder why? Oh that's right - Ramadan. If you use CNN's graphic over time - you see that 2003 the deaths spiked in November, in 2004 they remained steady except for April and November and so far in 2005 they seem to be about the same as 2004. I hate whenever a soldier is injured or killed. I feel for their family. But the MSM is getting ridiculous with their headlines on TV and online. "A Deadly Day Today in Iraq" - really, is that different than ANY DAY in the past 35 years in Iraq? "Violence Surges in Iraq" - really, compared to what day in the past 35 years? "Terrorists Fighting Back in Iraq" - really, when haven't they in the past 35 years? Honor every soldier and their family. They deserve nothing less from all of us. I just wish the MSM would put every death in context. Afterall, they do more indepth reporting about missing, smiling white girls than they've EVER given ONE of our brave men and women in the military. Except for Pat Tillman and that was mainly because he gave up a life and career of privledge to do what is right for America. That to the MSM is very confusing. A mystery. A made-for-TV story. Every other soldier? Just a number to throw in a pile without ever highlighting their heroism, their bravery or even their name.
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Thursday, July 28th 2005


Web of Support

Sgt. Chris Missick is traveling the country on his "Web of Support" tour - meeting and thanking all those who supported him during his deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today, he's on his way to Raleigh. Wonder where he'll be next? You should check it out: Web of Support. I was lucky enough to read Chris's Blog - A Line In the Sand - while he was deployed. I think we'll see him one day in national politics. Ever wonder about the character of America? Chris Missick is a great tribute to the American character.
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Thursday, July 7th 2005



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Thursday, June 16th 2005


Sign the Petition!

Want the Twin Towers rebuilt (the original footprints would not be disturbed)? Then please, sign this petition and forward it to everyone you know. REBUILD THE TWIN TOWERS PETITION Find out more about the FARCE that has become Ground Zero by visiting: RESTORE WTC We can't allow the I hate America crowd to have ANYTHING to do with Ground Zero. It should be preserved for the memory of the people who died and were murdered that day.
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Wednesday, June 15th 2005


It ain't Gitmo, stupid.

The pussy whining going on about Gitmo is pathetic and appalling. What's worse - is that the pussies saying such garbage SEEM to think that closing GITMO would somehow STOP the terrorists from hating us and might even stop them from murdering all of us. So I ask the following questions for anyone who can answer them: On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants stormed the United States Embassy in Tehran and took approximately 70 Americans captive. This hostage crisis lasted 444 days crippling the American president at the time, Jimmy Carter. The hostages were released following the inauguration of the next U.S. President, Ronald Reagan. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On April 18, 1983 the first documented terrorist attack against American people and interests was perpetrated when the U.S. Embassy was struck in Lebanon killing 63 people, 17 of those souls were Americans. This was a precursor for things to come. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On Sunday, October 23, 1983 a truck bomb murdered 241 Marines stationed in Beirut as peacekeepers. At the time, America responded by hastily pulling all troops out of the Middle East. And Americans went back to their normal lives. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On October 7, 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro was commandeered by four men from the PLO - Palestinian Liberation Front. A wheelchair-bound American, Leon Klinghoffer was shot and thrown overboard. After negotiations lingered, the men were finally allowed to board an Egyptian plane towards Tunisia, and the plane was forced by U.S. Navy fighters to land in Sicily. The Italians arrested three of the men, but the fourth, Abu Abbas got away and fled to Iraq where he was recaptured in 2003 during America's war against Iraq. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On April 2, 1986, TWA Flight 840 flew from Rome, Italy to Athens, Greece with 114 passengers on board. A bomb was detonated on the aircraft, sucking 4 American passengers (including a nine-month old infant) to their deaths below. Five other Americans on the aircraft were injured, and a rapid decompression ensued in the cabin. The remaining 110 passengers survived the incident. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? Four days later on April 6, 1986, La Belle discotheque in Berlin, Germany was bombed to kill U.S. Servicemen who frequented the club. It killed a Turkish woman and 2 U.S. servicemen, and injured 230 people, including many other U.S. servicemen. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? In December of 1988 another notable event happened to the citizens of America when Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland. 270 Americans were killed on their way home for Christmas. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On February 26, 1993 a car bomb was planted by the Islamist terrorists in the underground garage below Tower One of New York's World Trade Center, killing 6 Americans and injuring over 1,000. This was the first terror attack on American soil by a foreign terrorist. A year earlier, a man named Ramzi Yousef entered the United States with a false Iraqi passport and was able to pull off the plan, although, he failed in his original feat to bring down the towers. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? October 4, 1993 Mogadishu, Somalia brought about the killing and desecration of American servicemen's bodies through the streets of Mogadishu. 16 American troops were killed in Somalia as the U.S. attempted to assist the United Nations in a humanitarian effort in the country. In later years, it would be discovered that Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network was involved in the Somalia incident. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On June 25. 1996, 19 U.S. servicemen were killed and 372 wounded on by a terrorist car bomb at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? On August 7, 1998, the United States embassies in the East African cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya were severely damaged in nearly simultaneous truck bomb attacks. The bombings killed 213 people, including 12 Americans. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? December 14, 1999, Ahmed Ressam was arrested at the United States-Canada border in Port Angeles, Washington. Found in his possession was nitroglycerin he intended to use to blow up LAX Airport during the Millenium Celebration. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? October 12, 2000, the Navy ship USS Cole stopped in Yemen to refuel and was struck by suicide boat, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 others. WAS THIS BECAUSE OF GITMO? Wake up stupid people. If we don't have Gitmo - we have MORE DEAD AMERICANS. It took less than 3 hours to murder 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Since then almost 2,000 American Soldiers have given their lives PROTECTING OUR FREEDOM. If you think we're hated or the hate is getting WORSE because of GITMO -then you just don't get it. GITMO isn't the reason they hate us. Their excuse used to be that we propped up dictators for OIL and stability (that was true). BUT NOW WE'RE DEPOSING DICTATORS SO THEY CAN LIVE IN FREEDOM and the hatred can be STOPPED. So now the truth comes out - they just simply HATE US and we either CAVE to their wishes or they KILL US. GET IT?
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Thursday, June 9th 2005


Amnesty International will be mighty upset with Bush over this one.

Baghdad, Iraq - President George W. Bush on Thursday defended the eviction of tens of thousands of traders and shack dwellers from Baghdad streets as a two-day strike against the campaign got off to a slow start. Many roads were quieter than usual in the capital, Baghdad, and other major centers. But banks, schools, shops and most other businesses were open as Iraqis apparently heeded police warnings not to participate in the protest. In an address to Congress, Bush called the three-week blitz "a vigorous cleanup campaign to restore sanity" in urban areas. "The current chaotic state of affairs where (small and medium enterprises) operated ... in undesignated and crime-ridden areas could not be countenanced for much longer," Bush said at the opening of Congress. Opposition lawmakers have called the campaign a strike on their urban support base and boycotted the session in protest. U.S. soldiers continued to round up residents and pile them into trucks in at least one Baghdad township Thursday, they said. Soldiers using torches, sledgehammers and bulldozers have burned down homes and kiosks in shantytowns around the country since launching the campaign dubbed Operation Murambatsvina, or "drive out trash," last month. A broad alliance of civic groups, churches, opposition parties and trade unions called the strike Thursday and Friday to protest the drive, which U.N. officials say has left at least 200,000 urban poor homeless. More than 30,000 people have been arrested, according to the Coalition Forces. Lovemore Madhuku, a spokesman for the recently formed Broad Alliance, which organized the protest, blamed poor participation on a climate of fear. "If U.S. soldiers can demolish your home, they can come to your room and demand why you are still in bed and have not gone to work," he said. Economists also noted it would be difficult to mount an effective general strike with only about 800,000 of Iraq's 12 million people in formal sector jobs. The U.S. Military had warned for days they would "deal ruthlessly" with anyone participating in the strike. Soldiers in riot gear deployed in Bahdad, sealing off a large part of downtown ahead of Bush's speech and causing major traffic jams. Bush's government says its campaign is aimed at cleaning up cities and cracking down on black market merchants it accuses of sabotaging the economy, marked by five years of unprecedented decline. The opposition says the crackdown is meant to punish its supporters among the urban poor and to scapegoat traders for the economic chaos in this Middle Eastern nation — once the regional breadbasket. "A grave crime has been committed against poor and helpless people," six Roman Catholic bishops said in a statement. The Protestant Evangelical Christian Fellowship also condemned the crackdown, saying police were "wantonly destroying property." In Sadr City, a township on Baghdad's southern outskirts, a man sat on his bed in the middle of a field, surrounded by furniture from his demolished home, according to Associated Press Television News footage. Nearby, a woman washed pots in the street. "My whole family, including my young children, are all sleeping out in the open," said another woman, with a child balanced on her hip. "We are so desperate for food and shelter, that we think we are better off dead." Bush, who seized the country in 2003, also vowed to complete the takeover of 5,000 Sunni-owned farms for redistribution to Shias despite "residual problems," including international investment treaties protecting some properties. Sounding confused at times and stumbling over his words, the ignorant leader also promised tough new laws to fight corruption and electronic crime, including the "dissemination of offensive material." He did not elaborate. *********** Oh, I'm sorry. There must be a mistake. The article above wasn't written about something America or Bush did - it was written about Zimbabwe President Mugabe. No gulags in Zimbabwe?
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Wednesday, June 8th 2005


Please don't let this happen.

When I read this article by Debra Burlingame, whose brother "Chic" was a pilot on the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 - I felt SO ANGRY that I couldn't speak for a while. The Great Ground Zero Heist Will the 9/11 "memorial" have more about Abu Ghraib than New York's heroic firemen? This is so disgusting that I can't even write much about it without becoming emotional. 9/11 has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with innocent people being murdered in NYC, D.C. and Pennsylvania. It has to do with all those families holding pictures, wandering NYC looking for their husband, brother, mother, sister. It has to do with 343 firefighters who never came home. It has to do with 10,000 children who lost a parent that day. A Mommy or a Daddy that was simply flying on a business trip, or sitting in his office. It has to do with people who waited days, weeks, months and WHO ARE STILL WAITING for a piece of flesh, a shoe, a ring, ANYTHING that they can bury of their loved ones. Find out how to STOP THIS THUGGERY, here.
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Thursday, June 2nd 2005



These soldiers made a music CD (rap) called "Live From Iraq". I watched the trailer and it was very good - nothing you'll get listening to Eminem and all those posers. This is the real deal. Go and buy a copy from these soldiers. They deserve the recognition and their voices should be heard. I don't know if this is anti-war, pro-war, etc. - doesn't matter - these are OUR soldiers. They should b heard. They gave US the rights we have today. I hope they make millions off their CD. THANKS SOLDIERS. The debt we owe you can never be repaid.
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Saturday, May 28th 2005


Home of the free, because of the brave.

Memorial Day Weekend isn't about BBQ and fun. It's not about the beach or parties. It's about the brave young men and women who have given their lives for the freedom that enables you and your family to have a worry-free BBQ and fun in the sun this weekend. Over 1,700 soldiers have been killed in Iraq. That's 1,700 families ripped apart and missing someone they love. Someone who gave their life so you can have freedom. So before you fire up another burger, STOP and give thanks and remembrance to the brave young men and women who died and were injured preserving that freedom for you. There are over 1,700 dead men and women. And there are over 12,000 injured and severly injured men and women rushed back to America every week. There families are spending this Memorial Day, and every other day by their side. "The Ryan family stood vigil, gathered around a hospital bed in Building 10, Ward Five East — a surgical ward at the National Naval Medical Center. Before them lay Marine Cpl. Eddie Ryan, silent and pale, a grievous bullet wound in his brain and a feeding tube in his belly, straight through the "N" in a blue tattoo that spelled "RYAN." ...The number of service members wounded in Iraq has surged past 12,000, half of them injured so badly that they cannot return to duty. Many of the most critical cases end up here at the National Naval Medical Center, established in the early days of World War II." Read the whole thing. For the Wounded, No Miracle Is Small On this Memorial Day, I remember the lives and families of Sgt. Rafael Peralta and Corey Mracek and Stuart W. Moore who gave their lives so you and I could be free. We can never repay their sacrifice. But we should always stop, look up to heaven and say, "THANKS." Without their sacrifice, we could NOT BE FREE.
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Thursday, May 26th 2005


A house for Sam.

Remember a while back I wrote about Salvatore 'Sam' Ross - a young soldier who was blinded in Iraq? His only dream was to have a house and go to school. I wrote to Homes for Our Troops and they responded that they were, 'looking into it.' I wrote again recently to see if there was an update - and today Dawn Teixeira posted this link. http://www.postgazette.com/pg/05146/510651.stm They just got started building Sam's home. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? I feel so happy for him I could cry. I'm not sure WE did anything to make this come about - but - I feel good that we emailed Homes for Our Troops to at least light a spark. Donate to this organization if you can. I wish I lived closer to Pittsburgh because I would be swinging a hammer to help out Sam.
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Monday, May 23rd 2005


Stupid, desperate women.

This story should have been ALL over the news...yet I only saw it through Mudville Gazette's morning wrap-up. This child was found buried alive in Florida after being abducted and possibly assaulted by a 17 year-old guest of her Godmother. Two young girls abducted and found murdered is broadcast everywhere but what about this one who was still alive? The criminal in this case lived with the girl's Godmother, and the girl just happened to be staying there. The other more recent murder of a child in Florida was committed by an 'ex-boyfriend' of the mother who was also a convicted sex-offender. This world is dangerous enough without mothers subjecting their children to even more risk by letting men they're dating live with them or worse. The two missing children in Idaho - the mother and her boyfriend were found murdered and toxicology reports show they were using meth at the time of their murder. This of course does not justify their murder...but...what the hell were they doing drugs with children in the house? I saw a story last week about a 9-year old girl who saved her mother's life by calling 911 after her mother's ex-boyfriend beat the mother almost to death. THIS POSITION is somewhere a child should not be, ever. People ask me WHY as a single-mom I don't plan on dating seriously for 8 more years? My son's safety and well-being are FAR more important than my love life. My love life can wait until he's 18 years old. I mean, I might date before then, but the man will NOT be meeting my son or moving into my house (or me into his). I made the ultimate commitment to my son when I gave birth to him - come hell or high water - I'm his mother and it is my job to raise him safely, healthy and correctly. His absentee father does enough damage to him - I don't need to pile on by going out every weekend and bringing strange men home. I just don't. I just won't. Call me crazy. I don't really care. It's my choice and I think I'm making the right choice for him and for me (for now). All that love mumbo jumbo can wait 8 more years. I only get to raise my son the right way - ONCE. I wish other mother's around America would see that and do the same. They are endangering their children's lives by living loosely, doing drugs and letting men abuse them. WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN? This past weekend a boy in my son's class was riding his bicycle near our house. My son immediately asked if he could do the same. I told him NO. Not only was the child far from his own house (with NO WAY of his mother to see or know where he was), we live on a busy street and a large hill, and the boy was carelessly flying down the hill onto the street below us. I told my son no and he accepted it fine. His friend has free reign in his life. And that's fine for him and his mother. I allowed this child over my house for the first time a few weeks ago. Within one hour of his arrival he used my home computer to look up words on "Ask Jeeves" that my son would not only NOT THINK to look up at his age - he wouldn't dare do it my home computer. I told my son this boy will no longer be coming over our house. He's sneaky. He's mean. He's rude and he knows too much for a 9 year-old boy (because he can do whatever he wants). My son is a different story. For right now he's only 9 years old. That's the wrong age in my opinion to allow your child to have free reign all over town on his bicycle with no way of knowing where he is AND to let him look up pornography on the computer. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm stupid. My son gets his bicycle freedom at the park. There's a large lake there and I walk around the lake while he rides ahead of me. If he's out of my sight I need not worry because he will spin around and find me. The proof that my way is working I discovered at Wal-Mart recently. My son and I went with another mother and her two kids. As soon as we entered the store - those two kids took off. My son stayed with me - didn't even ask to go. The other kid returned and egged my son to go with him clear across the store. My son said simply, "I can't." And that was it. THE MOTHER STOOD SHOCKED. "Wow, that's great that he stays with you." I wanted to laugh at her. Of course he stays with me. It's MY JOB TO WATCH HIM!
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Sunday, May 22nd 2005


Pot...meet kettle.

U.N. condemns alleged abuse of Afghans I read the NY Times story which was based on a situation from 2002. That's right, 2002. I was repulsed. I was upset. I was disgusted with the abuse and death of what could be an innocent Afghan man. BUT at the same time - the military did its job and disciplined, kicked out or imprisoned those responsible. I'm sorry an innocent man was killed. But the killers got their just punishment. It did not simply STAND. It was promptly reported by a SOLDIER and dealt with. They did that 2 years ago. For the U.N. to CONDEMN something from 2 years ago smacks of hypocrisy when they STILL haven't CONDEMNED the sex crimes against innocent children committed by U.N. peacekeepers or the Oil-for-Food scandal. AND if they had - it didn't make the HEADLINES on Yahoo! or any other news website. It also wasn't played OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again like the humiliating photos from Abu Graib. Hey NY Times. I know you had to report a 2 year-old story this week to support Newsweek and all, but, you really did it to further inflame people against America. And that means our great soldiers and all the hard work they're doing just gets harder and you're putting their hard work and MY hard-earned money at risk. You make me sick to my stomach. I'm sad you're in MY country. I'm sad soldiers have to fight for YOUR freedom as well as mine. You clearly don't deserve their blood, sweat and tears or their lives. The NY Times, if it can hurt Bush, then we report it. If it happens to hurt America too, we can't help that, we're NEUTRAL.
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Thursday, May 19th 2005


Gimme a break.

Read this article and tell me how ANY of this compares to someone cutting your head off with a dull knife? Anyone? Hmmm? I didn't think so. GIMME A BREAK.
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Thursday, May 19th 2005


Those crazy Brits!

The Royal Marines have made a music video. This video caused the British soldiers to knock their computer server out of commission. It stars Staff Sergeant Roger Parr - whose smile is inviting and makes you smile with him. You have to watch it. HERE My son and I were crying watching it - it's just adorable. SPREAD THE WORD - I want to see this video on TV! HAT TIP: Mudville Gazette It's a spoof of THIS spoof by Peter Kay. I think the soldiers are funnier! Here's the article from the BBC.
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Tuesday, May 17th 2005


54 Miles Per Gallon

Well - I've had my car now 2 weeks and I'm averaging 54 miles per gallon. I've driven about 650 miles in that time period. The other day we went to NY state and I averaged 56 miles per gallon. It's great! I don't think it drives with any less acceleration than any other car I've owned - and it's much smoother because the electric engine takes over when necessary. I bought a blue-tooth phone and it works perfectly with the car. It automatically mutes the radio when a call comes in and goes right back when the call is over. Like driving a cell phone. I saw a story last night that Toyota has received 13 complaints about the car 'stalling' at high speeds - which is NOT comforting, but that's okay. I have confidence that if that happens - Toyota will fix my car (gulp - if the car is not totalled in the process). It has enough room for me and my son and the seats fold down. It feels roomy inside and although it's about 5 inches shorter than my PT Cruiser - it has enough cargo space for what I need. And in some respects it's a little bit wider than my Cruiser was. All in all - I would say now I know why sales are up 180% over last year.
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Sunday, May 15th 2005


Most poor Americans are white, not black.

Somebody smack me. "Jackson said he has worked "for the citizenship rights of immigrants and Mexican Americans" and wants steps taken to avoid making the United States "hostile toward immigration policy." He said Fox's comment about "blacks" seemed to be about a stereotype. "Most poor Americans are not black, they're white," he added. Am I going crazy? What about TWO AMERICAS? What about the down-trodden? The oppressed? You mean this whole time I AM BEING OPPRESSED and SHUT OUT of the American dream? Well, nobody told me dammit. In the words of Jesse Jackson, "today the choices are equally clear. Bush and Cheney argue for tax cuts for the wealthy; they want to consolidate the wealth and power of the ''have mores'' that the president calls ''my base.'' SOMEONE PLEASE REMEMBER THE POOR WHITE AMERICANS QUOTE NEXT TIME JESSE JACKSON TALKS ABOUT THE OPRESSED, THE DOWN-TROTTEN, THE 'HAVE-MORES' and the 'HAVE-NOTS.'
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Saturday, May 14th 2005



Well - the grim count of dead American soldiers is near 1,700 and so expect the media deathcount to hype the 2,000 number soon. They're waiting for it. They're hoping for it. They did it for 100 soldiers killed. They salivated when it was 500 and then 1,000. But they're still missing the point. On a beautiful, sunny September morning, 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered in airplanes and office buildings. Their crime? Being American. The time span for the murder of 3,000 innocent people? Just under 3 hours. It's been two years since we liberated Iraq and we've lost 1,600 soldiers who fought BACK and died fighting for Iraqis and Americans. It's taken TWO YEARS to lose 1,600 men and women - they weren't just sitting at their desks or in an airplane though - THEY WERE FIGHTING BACK TO KEEP US FREE. President Bush has begun to eliminate the basic argument people from the Middle East have used to stir the pot of hatred with for decades. We used to turn our back on oppressed people for the sake of 'stability'. After 9/11 - the President said 'NO MORE.' He realized that our foreign policy of coddling dictators and tyrants for own stability was WRONG - and he's set out to correct it. Yes, it's true - Saudi Arabia is still brewing in the background - but we need their oil for now - so he can't do anything rash that would cripple our economy or way of life. But their time is coming. I think after 9/11 - the tyrants in the Middle East thought it was just rhetoric. But then we went to Afghanistan. They smiled and silently thought we were still going to tolerate what they do to their people (while accepting our foreign aid and stoking the hatred against us). Then we went to Iraq. Their nervous laughter and smiles turned to all out fear and they began funding and supplying the insurgency to destroy us. BUT THE IRAQI people didn't take the bait. They suffered for 35 years and didn't want to stay that way. On January 30th - innocent, everyday Iraqis FOUGHT BACK at the ballot box. The "Arab Street" saw this for themselves on LIVE TV. They started to question why Iraqis got to vote in FREE AND FAIR elections and they didn't. The tyrants in the Middle East started to shit their pants (or robes). Then - Syria murdered the Lebanese opposition leader and ALL FREEDOM broke lose. And now the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. The tyrants are still funding and supplying the terrorists - thinking we're too busy to stop them - thinking if they could JUST KILL ENOUGH OF OUR SOLDIERS - we'll give up. Absent the glaring example of an IGNORANT and CONSPIRING SUPERPOWER for people to follow (into hating us) what do terrorists and tyrants have left to get people to follow them to their doom? Those 1,600 dead soldiers and their colleagues are eliminating the reasons for hatred against Americans and the West. They're giving oppressed people HOPE of a FUTURE of SELF-DETERMINATION. We're no longer sitting idly by and letting innocent Iraqis be brutalized by Saddam and his thugs. We're no longer ignoring their plight - and sowing the seeds of why they hate this great superpower for turning her back on the oppressed.We STOOD for their freedom - so we can keep our own. I don't like when people say 'we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." That seems indecent to me. Why should Iraqis suffer at the hands of terrorists for our benefit? The truth is - it is to their benefit too - even though that's hard to see sometimes. And on days where 70 people are killed by car bombs - people question whether anything is worth that sacrifice. Is freedom worth ANY AND ALL sacrifice? I think 8 million Iraqis who braved real threats to vote on January 30th answered that question clearly and broadly. YES. Every single life given by our soldiers is a tradegy. A tragedy for their loved ones and for us as Americans. Their bravery and courage are what keeps us free. They deserve our respect and we need to respect their memory. America is better for them having fought for us - and worse for having to lose such brave citizens from our future. I am eternally grateful to every one of them and their families. And any chance I get - I will thank them for what they've done for me and all Americans. Terrorists and tyrants murder and hurt innocent people so they can oppress them and instill fear. They don't want people to have FREEDOM of thought, FREEDOM of religion, FREEDOM of lifestyle, FREEDOM of opinion. Their end game is clear - death or submission - of any innocent man, woman or child within their proximity. WHAT FUTURE IS THAT? Give your every thought over to them - and in return you'll get NO FREEDOM at all and live every day in fear of retribution for having your own thoughts or opinions. Seems to me they already HAD that for 35 years and they were literally dying to stop it. What is America offering to innocent Iraqis? A chance to be free to determine their own destiny. So the hatred of America and blame STOPS being cast someplace else and the people feel empowered to have and make better lives in their own countries while holding their leaders accountable (by voting them in or out as necessary). The soldiers end game is clear - to help Iraqis stand on their own so we can continue to stand on our own. We ignored terrorism for decades as it grew like a cancer under the radar. In 1993, we STILL ignored it. In 2001, our President realized something needed to change. Our foreign policy was feeding this cancer. So since 9/11/2001 - he's set out to perform radical surgery on the cancer called 'terrorism'. The prognosis for eliminating this disease looks promising. But we have a lot more to do to win this fight. They haven't stopped plotting against us - the difference is - we haven't stopped fighting back.
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Wednesday, May 11th 2005


Newsweek SUCKS.

Hey, idiots at Newsweek - here's a little secret for ya - WE ARE AT WAR! An article saying the Muslim holy book was placed on a toilet in Guantanamo Bay caused RIOTS in Afghanistan and chants of "DEATH TO AMERICA." Thanks for all your work to UNDERMINE the work our soldiers have been doing for 3 years there. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,156169,00.html
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Tuesday, May 10th 2005


Hot Air.

I have finally figured it out! I took a chance and read some of Arianna Huffington's new celebrity blog, "Huffington Report" yesterday - and it occured to me WHY liberals in Hollywood and D.C. are so CLUELESS. I'm a good person. I have solar panels on my house and I just bought a hybrid Prius. I care about the environment and I worry when I see pretty seagulls covered in oil or some other environmental disaster. So I do what I can. But I have a life to live and REAL-LIFE worries to deal with, and sometimes, yes sometimes, I don't necessarily have the financial means NOT to worry about day-to-day things. For example: Yes, I worry that the two-toed leopard frog may lose its mating zone, however, this worry doesn't consume my life. I also have to find MONEY to pay for my son's summer camp - which may be selfish - BUT - it's my job and it's FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO ME. It dawned on me yesterday that when someone becomes famous and gets ridiculously wealthy - they believe they've become ENLIGHTENED. Well, not really. You've just been given the luxury of FINANCIAL FREEDOM - which frees you up so you can PAY people to agree with you, PAY someone to cook for you, PAY someone to be your 'handler' and PAY attention to things that don't matter to Red State America - like that damn two-toed leopard frog. See - we're too busy living our lives - slogging through (happily I might add) and that's about the ONLY thing you have over us - MONEY = TIME. You have TIME to worry about what you're wearing or mating habit of gay pengiuns. WE, on the other hand, have NO TIME to give a crap about that - we're too busy being the backbone of AMERICA. You know us? Right? The 'dumb' Americans that try to FORGET all your bellowing so we can still laugh at the movies and forget our troubles for an hour and a half. We're the stupid Americans that say 'hi' when we see you, or come to your talk show and scream because you're there. Yep, that's us. Dumb old Red State America. You remember us - we PAY YOUR BILLS! Yes, it's true - now that you don't need to decide between paying the Cable Bill this month or the Electric Bill - it frees you up to worry about IMPORTANT THINGS, those of us dumb Americans aren't enlightened enough to care about. Yes, YES, it worries me that it takes 20 minks to make a Mink coat - I mean afterall, you would think with advances in science and technology - they would be able to make 20 MINK COATS from 20 MINKS by now! And what just leaves me BREATHLESS is there are starving children in the world. Indeed - that sucks. But guess what? I can't really worry about ALL OF THEM because I have to WORRY ABOUT FEEDING MY OWN CHILD FIRST! SELFISH? Perhaps, but it's my JOB - one that I don't get paid for. Sure - I've probably done more in ONE YEAR to support our troops (by actually SUPPORTING THEM) than you have - and I've sent more pairs of shoes to Afghanistan and Iraq than YOU HAVE - but I guess that doesn't COUNT in the world of enlightenment. Having the luxury of TIME because you have so much MONEY isn't always healthy. I mean, I'm sitting here typing on my computer and I'm not even WORRIED that McChimpBushHitler is gonna get me! Am I brave? Am I just a dumb red-stater? OR - am I smarter than you and you just can't see it from the ridiculous heights of arrogance from which you sit? Hmmm. I bet readers of this blog know the answer.
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Monday, May 9th 2005


Rednecks gone wild.

I read this headline and had to know what it meant. "California to Ban Hunting Over Internet" That's right. A company in Texas is offering hunters the ability to shoot and kill animals over the internet. Simply click, and the animal gets shot. Now, I'm no stranger to stupid people. I've met some. I've married one. I've even watched fishing on ESPN - intermittently while I was awake. But sitting at your computer and killing animals with the click of your mouse? That's just stupid. If you can't get up at 4 am and climb up a tree stand - you have no business hunting at all. It SHOULD take some effort. Geez. How is that considered hunting? I consider it shopping to kill.
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Thursday, May 5th 2005


The difference.

The difference between an American or Coalition fighting man and woman and the lowly terrorists that wait until children surrond our soldiers - and then detonate a suicide bomber. This picture gave me chills. You want to know the difference between the innocent Iraqis, our soldiers and the lowly terrorist scum? JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOU CAN SEE IT.
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Wednesday, May 4th 2005


Your tax dollars at work, for criminals.

This article got my blood boiling this morning. The internet is a dangerous place for our children - with pedophiles and others just waiting to attack them or lure them in. But the ACLU is helping convicted criminals get internet access. What ever happened to the victims and their rights? Yes, it's true - sometimes innocent people get convicted and I think what Barry Scheck is doing with his DNA project is very helpful to stop that sort of thing and to remedy what's already been done. But there's maybe 1 innocent for every 10 CRIMINALS in the system. So it's right to give the CRIMINALS access to the internet so they can continue their crimes and harrassment of victims?
Keith Maydak's jail cells are roomier than most. Must be all that cyberspace. State and federal prisons don't let inmates use Internet computers behind bars -- and the Allegheny County Jail doesn't either. Yet Maydak has answered a reporter's e-mails from the Pittsburgh jail, and later an Ohio lockup, while he awaits sentencing for violating probation on a 900-number phone scam that cost AT&T $550,000 dollars. Thousands of other inmates access the Internet indirectly using inmate telephone and mail privileges and a network of family, friends or activists. Once on the Web, they enlist celebrities like Susan Sarandon to plead their case, pillory the prosecutors who imprisoned them, or simply find pen pals. Maydak, 34, told The Associated Press he uses a network of toll-free phone numbers and friends to access the Internet for him. He was inspired as a teen by the 1983 movie "War Games" in which nuclear war almost results when a teenager hacks into a military computer. And that's precisely why state and federal prisons keep inmates away from the Internet, said Joe Weedon, a spokesman for the American Correctional Association in Lanham, Marylan. "There were a few jurisdictions that allowed it on a limited basis, but they ran into problems with offenders contacting their victims or inmates running scams of some sort." Federal appellate courts have yet to hear a major case on inmates rights to access the Internet but victims' advocates promise to fight them. "Your rights are very limited when you go to prison and certainly the right to communicate with people on the Internet is one of them," said Michael Rushford, of the Sacramento, California-based Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. Arizona inmates successfully challenged a state law that prohibited helping inmates access the Internet. The law was passed after a murder victim's family complained about the killer's Internet pen pal ad. But a federal district judge struck down the law in 2003, saying it was one thing to stop inmates from using the Internet in jail -- but quite another to hinder their access to it through intermediaries. The American Civil Liberties Union sued in that case on behalf of the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty, which publishes Web sites for about 500 U.S. death row inmates, and pen pal solicitations for about 700 more, said co-founder Tracy Lamourie. "They're sentenced to death, they're not sentenced to silence," Lamourie said. "Even if just one was (innocent), how can we silence someone who's going to be killed in our name?" Lamourie's group maintained a Web site for Juan Melendez, 53, who spent 18 years on Florida's death row before he was found to be wrongfully convicted three years ago. Lamourie and her partner pay for envelopes, stationery and postage out of pocket or with donations that trickle in. The server space for the Web pages is donated by a European death penalty opponent. "I try to understand how alarming it would be for a victim's family to see the smiling face of an inmate who has caused some great harm to a family on the World Wide Web looking for women to write to him," said Donna Hamm of Middle Ground Prison Reform Inc. "But it's difficult to imagine how that infringes on a free world person's right to put something on the Internet." Read the rest.
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Wednesday, May 4th 2005


I LOVE my Toyota Prius!

I picked it up Monday morning and since then I've driven 115 miles averaging 49.0 miles per gallon. I think my favorite part so far is the keyless entry - if I have the remote in my pocket and I'm 3 ft. from the car - I simply touch the door handle and it unlocks. As long as the remote is within the car - I can simply press "POWER" and it starts. I didn't think it was a big deal until I had packages in my hand yesterday and I didn't need to fumble to unlock the doors - I simply reached out and I was in. Sat down, pressed "POWER" and I was on my way. Never touched the remote or key. My son's favorite part is the GPS mapping, which is cool, but a lot like MapQuest - it doesn't always give you the BEST route and I'm sure it forgets important turns on the way. I think I love this car more than I loved my PT Cruiser, my Honda Accord EX, my Toyota Camry or my very first car - 1972 Buick Skylark. I'm learning how to drive it properly to maximize the fuel efficiency. The screen tells you how much gas you're using and how much you're getting per mile. If you are heavy-footed (like me) - it will take a while to adjust your acceleration properly. A light touch seems to work best - and on the highway - I've been trying out cruise control so the electric motor takes over and I use practically no gas. In town, the electric engine is in use - giving me 99 miles per gallon. As long as you accelerate gently and don't pound the gas pedal - it seems to work really well. It drives like any other car - but reverse is completely electric and QUIET and when you come to a complete stop the motor shuts off and the electric takes over. So quiet you are convinced the car has shut off completely. I asked the salesman why the Honda Accord hybrid only gets 30 miles per gallon and my Prius can get 60 mpg. He explained that the Prius has an electric motor with a gas-assist and the Honda, Ford, etc. have GAS MOTORS with electric assist. That seems to be the difference. WAKE UP CAR COMPANIES! With the price of gas getting stupid out of control - paying more for a hybrid isn't going to cut it if you don't get better gas mileage. I mean - sure - less emissions and all that happy horse shit - but really, GIVE ME BETTER GAS MILEAGE! And finally, my only other complaint in this day and age when I can find anything I want within the click of a mouse - WHY can I only get a car in 4 colors? Seems like a great addition would be to offer ANY color you want - I mean I waited 6 weeks for this car - they could have painted it in that time!
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